brandon parvini

VIVID 2019

Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Producer: Olivia Hantken

Design and Animation : BEMO
Executive Producer: Brandon Hirzel
Design/Technical Director: Brandon Parvini

3D Modeler: Patrick Goski
3D Artist: Kenneth Robin
Compositing: William Mendoza
Post Supervisor: Dennis Shin

Music Score : Kelsey Lu
Dancer : Genna Moroni
Choreographer : Toogie Barcelo
Motion Capture: Rouge MoCap


character design

RED BEARDED ORCHID | calochilus robertsonii


WARATAH | Telopea speciosissima


‘Kanga’ | Anigozanthos flavidus


‘Hakea’ | Hakea archaeoides


‘Euc’ | Eucalyptus kingsmillii


How we did it…

We spent some time talking to Ian Failes at Before&Afters on workflow and creative that went into the Lighting of the Sails for 2019


Early Research and Iterations